Spring is perennially associated with cleaning. We purge our closets, our yards, and deep clean our homes. How are you cleaning up your business? If you’re not, or if you never even thought about it, don’t fret. Spring cleaning your social media is a great place to start (or start and stop) that can pay big dividends until your fall clean-up. Here are 5 steps to spring clean your social media accounts.

1. Update/Refresh Your Bio

Your bio on Instagram and Facebook are the first impressions (aside from your content) where people learn who you are, what you offer, and where you’re located. In fact, it is through social media profiles that people learn the most about your business, more than your website, Google, or review sites. So don’t sleep on this!

Update and/or refresh your bio across all of your platforms. Add a new bio pic, change up your wording, and refresh (or add) a link to your website or another relevant place. Be sure to include where you’re located in your bio – this is the number one mistake I see on social media – and how people can get in touch. Also, if you have a special hashtag you like for people to use, include it in your bio!

2. Audit Your Performance

Don’t let the idea of an audit intimidate you. This is a fun, fast, and incredibly valuable step for you to take on your socials. Review your Q1 performance:

If you really want to take a deep-dive into your social media and build out a stronger strategy, buy my e-workbook that will get you setup in just one afternoon.

Through a quick 90-day audit across your channels, you can easily identify areas for improvement and how you can save time this spring. Be honest about your performance and use this to be ruthless in the next step.

3. Purge Your Posts

Any posts that are too seasonal (like those terrible text overlays that say “Happy New Year!”) or share information that is no longer relevant need to be deleted! A great example of this are posts that share a snow-day schedule change/closing or something like that. In fact, don’t ever post those on your feed as you move forward and instead save that content for your stories.

If there’s other content that isn’t pretty or useful in some way, say goodbye! It’s okay to delete content the same way you throw away clothes that no longer fit, aren’t your style anymore, or are damaged in some way. Take the same approach to spring cleaning your social media.

4. Set Your Goals

Ask yourself why you’re showing up online – is it to build brand awareness? Stay connected with your community? Attract new customers? All of the above? No problem! Just figure that out and then set relevant goals.

For example, if you are trying to build brand awareness, your goal could be to share original content three times per week and increase your following by 15% by June 1.

Don’t forget that the best goals are S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound). You’re the boss, so don’t over or under commit and outsource as needed, which the audit in step two can help you with.

5. Plan Your Content

If you’ve followed the steps, you’re on your way to a fresh social media presence this spring. So the last step is to actually PLAN your content. Seriously, sit down and figure out what and when you’re sharing. If you need some inspiration, check out competitors and see what they’re sharing, as well as some aspirational brands.

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There are so many tools to help you plan your content (and use your audit to learn the best days and times to post) like Planoly and Canva, which are my personal favorites. The bottom line is to figure out a strategy that works for you and planning your content will help ensure you reach your goals.

Want more help spring cleaning your social media or building a social media strategy? Get in touch with me. We can have a VIP day and get you set up, strategized, sharing, and saving time in just one day together.

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