Stephanie A. Smith Communications

SASC (pronounced sass-c) is an online communications agency specializing in storytelling and problem-solving. SASC listens and learns about brands and the experiences offered to share stories with an external audience through public relations and digital marketing tactics. SASC supports brands that offer opportunities to eat, stay, and/or play. 

So, who's Stephanie?

Stephanie is the secret to your business’ success. She has a Ph.D. in Communication and her Accreditation in Public Relations from the Public Relations Society of America. In short, she’s an expert at telling and sharing your brand’s story. 

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SASC serves up made-to-order, fresh services for restaurants, food trucks, cafes, and food festivals. If you’re in the business of feeding people, then SASC is the business to help you.


SASC makes your public relations and strategic communication dreams come true. Check out the services tailored for hotels, bed and breakfasts, and luxury rental properties.


SASC is more than just a fun name. Our services help promote ways to play from festivals, events, exhibits, and adventures. All of our services can be customized for specific needs and events.

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By eliminating an office environment, the cost of doing business is much lower since there are very few overhead expenses. 
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