Business has changed. It is practiced differently, studied differently, and operates differently than it used to, in large part due to technology. Public relations is no longer a print-based industry. Now, PR is integrated with digital communication strategies and many organizations combine PR into integrated marketing plans. So, it is a natural evolution to see agencies take business away from brick and mortar buildings and move toward practicing and operating solely online. But, what does this really mean?

Doing More with a Lot Less

Online agencies are also known as remote or virtual agencies. Meaning, there’s not a physical location or office space, despite the presence of a physical address for receiving mail. By eliminating an office environment, the cost of doing business is much lower since there are very few overhead expenses. For example, the rate charged to clients doesn’t ever go toward stocking an office with coffee, snacks, furniture, and supplies. Instead, teams work remotely where they feel most comfortable and productive. For clients that work with SASC, it means our billable rates are more reasonable than competitors. Perhaps more importantly, remote and virtual workers consistently have greater levels of productivity as well as higher levels of job satisfaction. So, although online agencies have fewer tangible assets, the agencies are also doing more work.

I don’t know about you, but if I were choosing an agency to work with, I’d certainly want the happier more productive group.

Focused and Personalized Client Attention

Without a physical office and central location, meetings are held at the client’s place of business, imagine that! This is one of the most strategic choices and for SASC, even if it were not an online agency, very few meetings would occur in the office and here’s why. Part of SASC’s business philosophy and mission is to share the stories of other businesses. In order to do this, our team needs to experience the business first hand. Yes, holding a meeting inside a restaurant can take a little longer and include more distractions. But do you know what else it can include? The vibe, the scents, the attitude, and the culture, all of which influence content creation and strategic management.

Unparalleled Expertise

When there’s no physical location, there’s an opportunity to recruit the best talent regardless of location. For example, SASC works with a great designer based in Cleveland, despite being in Virginia most of the time. Good work is good work, and hiring experts becomes a faster process when it’s not limited to one location. Not having a physical office allows employers to search and find the best experts without any barriers and offers the chance to build a strong network of freelance experts on an as-needed basis depending on client needs.

How SASC Does It

At SASC, the main priority is our clients. We will travel, work late, meet early, and send emails whether we’re on a plane, train, or automobile. It is because we are not tied to a physical location that our expertise can be used to benefit a greater variety of clients to help them improve and expand their initiatives. Without a physical location other than the cloud, we are forced to immerse ourselves into your business so that we can embody your business to create strategic and impactful public relations initiatives.

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