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Strategy is the secret to your success and at SASC, we are experts. Our strategic plans are roadmaps for people who want to do it themselves with clear directions and goals so you're not wasting time.

public relations

Your business is our business, so SASC takes reputation seriously. Our PR services rely on earned (not paid) media to build relationships with your target audience


Your story extends beyond your experience. At SASC we are expert storytellers making sure your brand is shared strategically across all platforms from your property, to your website.


Ever wish you had a crystal ball into your ideal customer's head? We do too. We haven't mastered that tech yet, but we can conduct expert research to inform all of your business decisions.


Leveraging social media helps build brand awareness, maintain relationships, and cultivate a community of consumers on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


SASC specializes in comprehensive experience audits to identify areas for improvement and to serve a more compelling brand story.

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SASC serves up made-to-order, fresh services for restaurants, food trucks, cafes, and food festivals. If you’re in the business of feeding people, then SASC is the business to help you.


 Check out the services tailored for hotels, bed and breakfasts, and luxury rental properties including online communication to maintain relationships with existing guests and attract new clients.


Our services help promote ways to play from festivals, events, exhibits, shopping centers, and adventures. All of our services can be customized for specific needs and events.

Let SASC work on your business so you can work in your business.

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You know you need to be posting on social media, blogging to help your search rankings, and connecting with people online. You want to be nominated for awards, written about in noteworthy publications, and attracting diners from across the country. 

There just isn’t enough time, it’s hard to be competitive, you aren’t sure where to start, results don’t come fast enough, and the interns, employees, and online “marketers” you keep hiring to help don’t stick around…

Then it’s time.

Bring in an expert who can teach you how to create sustainable, strategic, and successful communication without taking all your time away from running your business