An exclusive marketing collective for hospitality entrepreneurs

It’s time to take control of your marketing with support, expertise, and guidance from industry experts, educators, and your peers

Make your marketing less mystifying and easier to implement

Say goodbye to senseless ad spending, mindless social posting, and wasting time


(regardless of a global pandemic, an economic downturn, and murder hornets)

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Inside The Clique

Goal Setting and Reaching

Proven tactics for setting and reaching business goals with expert guidance to track and analyze your progress and course correct as needed

Industry Trainings

Quarterly live and on-demand trainings from top industry insiders about the topics and tools your business needs to thrive (that you help select!)

Expert Community

You’ll be a part of an exclusive Facebook community that includes your queen bees + all of the members of The Clique so you have an instant community

Challenges and Check-Ins

Live office hours with your leaders to ask and answer questions along with weekly, monthly and quarterly challenges to keep your marketing efforts fresh and exciting

On-Demand Library

Exclusive access to an on-demand library filled with worksheets, trainings, and resources hand-picked and sourced especially for your needs and success

À la carte Strategy

Optional opportunities for 1-on-1 strategy sessions with one or all of your leaders to get personalized and immediate help and support

Your Investment: $1,500 annually

...or $450 per quarter

Take a Closer Look...

As a business owner you’re a control-freak at heart (#nojudgment) and we’re just going to guess you like to know what to expect

We totally get it

The Clique is designed to be a yearly program, split into four quarters of learning and implementation by the true expert of your business – you! 

Here’s the agenda for your best year yet: 



The Clique is right for you if:

Have Reservations?...

As a member of The Clique, you remain in control of your communications because you are, after all, the master of your brand 

But you gain the support, strategies, and savviness of three hospitality industry experts at your fingertips (er, keyboard)

And you can check-out of stress-island and check-in to the success suite

The hospitality industry is poised for the fresh thinking of experienced women to help brands share their stories so you can continue serving your guests with joy

Sound like you? 

Meet Your Queen Bees

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie has her Ph.D. in Communication and her Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) from the Public Relations Society of America. She works as a strategic communication expert for hospitality brands and small businesses, focusing on earned (rather than paid) media. 

Her positive approach to training business owners helps them use communication to reach their goals through more meaningful messages and marketing efforts. As a trained educator, she knows how to encourage people and share her expertise so that they can have confidence communicating. 

When not working as a strategic communication coach, she is a professor of PR at Virginia Tech and proud dog-mom.

Amy Hager

A true marketer at heart, Amy’s experiences help her relate and share stories across many industries. Her love of small businesses and the community are reflected in her work with lodging properties, retail store owners, community publications, and chambers. 

As the former Executive Director of The Bed and Breakfast Association of Virginia, she understands the competition small businesses face, as well as how to help tell their stories. She has a deep knowledge of email marketing technologies, automated systems, and website platforms from her work as a technology support and development consultant. 

When not helping members of The Clique, she writes for a travel magazine, mentors coaches and consultants, and is the host of a sustainable travel podcast. 

Sharon Elswick

Sharon is an entrepreneur and innkeeper who is passionate about helping guests create memorable experiences. Most recently she dove deeper into the tech side of the industry, working for a reservation software company supporting fellow property owners in their drive to adopt the best tools to run the best businesses. 

With a decade and a half of working in and on a business, she knows the countless thankless hours it takes to build a successful venture. Understanding the passion and excitement involved and the challenges to keep motivated while burning the candle at both ends. 

Sharon is ready to share how to create a connection between your back-of-house tools, your brand, and your market penetration which every business needs to create rabid fans and returning guests.

Let's Have Some Real Talk...

Joining The Clique is an investment, but not joining is the real cost

Here’s what will happen when you don’t join us:

You will continue to operate without an effective marketing plan

You’ll waste your time and energy on efforts that don’t work

You will remain stressed and stagnant without growth or success

Your brand will become stale and tired

You will throw money at solutions that repeatedly fail because you don’t have a strategy

But you need to be ready and willing to commit to change

The Clique isn’t right for you if you are someone who: 

Doesn’t understand the value of marketing

Outsources all of your work (we work with you, not for you)

Expects immediate returns with minimal effort and no budget

Doesn’t know the difference between earned and paid media

Is on the fence about staying in business

Needs instant gratification – marketing is a slow burn

The fine print:

This program runs in on a quarterly schedule and an annual enrollment is recommended, but not required 

Payment is required in-full or in two 50% deposits

No refunds will be available

Results are based on your participation and not guaranteed