Introducing SASC Social Courses

... the only courses designed for hospitality owners and managers


How to grow your biz and followers organically:

  • Optimizing your FB Business page
  • Building new relationships
  • Maintaining relationships with previous guests
  • How to increase community engagement
  • The truth about FB ad’s and why you don’t need them
  • Creating content that converts
  • Tracking and analyzing your efforts


What gets you more traffic, more sales, & more awareness:

  • Getting started, strategically
  • Building your brand through pins
  • Best practices for original content creation
  • How and when to pin
  • The truth about re-pins and why you need them
  • Writing compelling pin descriptions
  • Tracking and analyzing your efforts


Where you share your experience, visually:

  • Building a successful profile
  • Content creation, strategy, and management
  • How to find hashtags
  • Learn when and what to post for engagement
  • The truth about IG stories and Reels
  • Turning followers into paying guests
  • Tracking and analyzing your efforts


Online courses designed exclusively for hospitality owners created by an industry expert and educator

SASC's social courses will teach you how to expand and elevate your brand online to stand-out among the competition
(no more losing to AirBnB's!)

You’ve heard it all – buy followers, outsource your social content for success, post every day, only post a few times a week, use hashtags but not too many, the list of fake advice goes on and on. 

It’s time to get the truth. 

You will succeed when you implement an authentic strategy driven by the values of your brand. 

Your business can’t afford NOT to be on social media, but you need to use the right channels, in the right ways. 

SASC’s social courses teach you the fundamentals for the 3 best channels for hospitality owners so that you can streamline your social media efforts and run your social channels as well as you run your business.

When you use social media strategically and with purpose, it saves time rather than sucks time.



Early-Bird Course Offers:

All 3 Courses One-Time Purchase, Lifetime Access: $1,000


Only buy the course(s) you need for $399 each

Prices increase December 1, 2020

SASC's social courses are right for you if:

You’re ready to stop letting your business run you and take back control. 

You want to learn how to do things yourself (you’re a passionate entrepreneur after all) without the fear and expense of failure. 

It’s time to grow, expand, and elevate your brand both on and offline.

You crave a trustworthy partner that is both your cheerleader and drill sergeant and knows what kind of support you need before you do.

It’s time to be a competitive force in your industry with a waiting list and rave reviews from dedicated (returning) guests.

Sound like you?

But wait, there's more...

Whether you take all 3 courses, or just what you need, you’ll get exclusive access and discounts to new course launches and SASC services. 


You’ll also have lifetime access to the courses you take and get any updated content totally free.

Sign-up before December 1, 2020 for special early-bird pricing!


Meet Your Teacher

I’m Stephanie, a professor of communication and the teacher your business needs to take things to the next level.

Through these courses, you will increase your capabilities and learn the skills needed for more strategic communication. 

I take a positive approach to train and instruct you on how to use communication to reach your business goals online. 

That means greater awareness and engagement with your brand, an improved social media presence, an even better guest experience, and relationship building to
 keep people returning and your business booming. 

I am a trained educator, having my Ph.D. in Communication and my Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) from the Public Relations Society of America. I cannot wait to have you in my class!

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