How to Use Instagram with Intention for Your Business

Instagram is an increasingly popular platform for growing your business and cultivating a loyal tribe of consumers. However, owned by Facebook, Instagram also has an algorithm more complex than a Rubic’s cube and if you try to find a quick solution, you can find yourself going down an endless rabbit hole online. These are the top three tips for using Instagram with intentionality to promote and grow your business, regardless of industry and niche.

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What PR Teaches Us About Setting and Reaching Goals

This post was originally written for and shared on PR Couture

A new year – the time when people and businesses set long lists of goals and resolutions vowing to make this the “best year ever!” Goal setting is an important part of business planning, and it’s central to the practice of effective public relations. Goal setting is also essential for personal success, too, and with more than 60,000 PR practitioners in the U.S. + freelancers, business and personal goals often collide. Therefore, it’s important to understand not only why setting goals is important for PR and personal success, but also how following industry standards for setting and reaching goals actually works.

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3 Honest Tips for Overcoming Rejection in Public Relations

PR is a field that is littered with rejection. Media pitches go unanswered, stories fail to get circulated, clients come and go without reason, and prospects ghost you. The beauty of rejection is that it makes the wins even sweeter, but it’s also why so many practitioners burn out and leave the profession. Nonetheless, rejection in PR, as in many other industries, is inevitable. What’s not inevitable is how you handle it, so here are three tricks to overcoming rejection with grace.

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Why Businesses and Bloggers Need to Break Up with LinkTree (and what to do instead)

Let me ask you a question – would you have a relationship with someone who was stealing from you? What if it was just like a few dollars each day and you barely noticed? What if they didn’t mean to steal from you or didn’t see it as stealing? Likely, NO, you wouldn’t be in a relationship when someone was stealing from you in any way, shape, or form. So, why are you letting this happen with LinkTree? That handy little app that is allowing you to share multiple links with your audience on Instagram is actually a toxic, unhealthy relationship that you need to end.

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What it Means to be an Online Agency

Business has changed. It is practiced differently, studied differently, and operates differently than it used to, in large part due to technology. Public relations is no longer a print-based industry. Now, PR is integrated with digital communication strategies and many organizations combine PR into integrated marketing plans. So, it is a natural evolution to see agencies take business away from brick and mortar buildings and move toward practicing and operating solely online. But, what does this really mean?

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