Why Businesses and Bloggers Need to Break Up with LinkTree (and what to do instead)

In case you’re unfamiliar, LinkTree is a free app that allows bloggers and businesses to share multiple links (via one “tree” link) and used most commonly on Instagram. It’s essentially a loophole for sharing multiple links on Instagram and at face value, it’s genius. But breaking up with LinkTree will help you and I’m sharing the top-three reasons and what to do instead of using the app.

Is a Morning Routine the Key to Getting More Done Each Day?

The short answer to this is yes, a morning routine is essential to my ability to be productive each day. It’s not that I am any busier than anyone else, but I am a high performer. I enjoy having a lot to do and striving to do it well. This is something that used to make me feel constantly stressed and overwhelmed. However, since I implemented a morning routine more than two years ago, I look forward to the work I get to do (not have to do) each day. Through my nerdy tracking of time and tasks, I know that my morning routine is the key to getting more done each day.

Business Lessons I Learned as a Sorority Girl

Being in a sorority, both as a collegiate member and an advisor at several universities throughout the country has taught me countless lessons that I attribute to my success in academia as a professor and in my PR business. So, in an effort to educate and entertain, let me take you through the business lessons I learned as a sorority girl.

How To Measure Your Communication Efforts

table with planner computer and glasses

One of the biggest mistakes that even the most seasoned business owners, communication professionals, and PR pros make is the failure to plan for effective measurement of their efforts. Using the principles of public relations, you can easily measure your communication efforts and do so without spending money, outsourcing, or downloading any apps or extensions. Sounds good, right?

3 (free) Tips for Productivity You Can Start Using Now

Over time I have tried many strategies for productivity and coached hundreds of business owners and students about how to find greater productivity in their day-to-day work life so that they have greater freedom to brainstorm, breathe, and just be. So, I’m going to share 3 of my best tips for increased productivity that anyone can implement, right now, for free, regardless of what type of business you’re running.